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Table 1 Literature review of previously reported cases of metastatic ovarian carcinoma to axillary lymph nodes

From: Axillary nodal metastasis in ovarian cancer: a report of three cases and review of literature

Author/yearNo. of casesAgePresentationPathological typeTreatment
Hockstein 1997 [15]178SynchronousPoorly differentiated adenocarcinomaPlatinum-based chemotherapy
Orris 1999 [16]163RecurrenceNot availableAxillary dissection
Recine 2004 [12]621-672 synchronous/4 recurrenceSerousChemotherapy
Ozmen 2007 [17]274/38RecurrencePapillary serousSurgery
Legge 2008 [18]1Not availableRecurrenceNot availableNot available
Skagias 2008 [10]163RecurrencePoorly differentiated adenocarcinomaNot available
Aydin 2008 [4]147RecurrenceSerousExcision + chemotherapy
Sughayer 2009 [19]163Synchronous + collision mets from breast cancerSerousSurgery
Harrison 2010 [20]147SynchronousNot availableChemotherapy
Demir 2012 [21]152RecurrenceSerousChemotherapy
Goyal 2012 [3]168RecurrenceSerousExcision
Choi 2014 [22]168SynchronousSerousInterval debulking surgery
Patel 2014 [23]150RecurrenceSerousNot available
Sibio 2014 [24]149SynchronousNot availableCytoreductive surgery
Mason 2015 [6]158SynchronousSerousChemotherapy
Ilhan 2016 [13]650-80SynchronousSerousInterval debulking in 5 patients, chemotherapy only in one patient
Eitan 2017 [25]251/70SynchronousSerousInterval debulking