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Table 2 GFR ranges and changes

From: Changes in glomerular filtration rate and clinical course after sequential doses of carboplatin in children with embryonal brain tumors undergoing autologous stem cell transplantation

1 Cycle HDC-ASCR (n = 15), median (range) ml/min/1.73 m2
 GFR before 1st dose118 (80–284)
 GFR before 2nd dose144 (75–187)
 GFR before 3rd dose111 (75–194)
3 Tandem cycles HDC-ASCR, median (range) ml/min/1.73 m2
Cycle1 (n = 5) 
 GFR before 1st dose110 (107–140)
 GFR before 2nd dose103 (97–140)
Cycle 2 (n = 5) 
 GFR before 1st dose120 (91–125)
 GFR before 2nd dose103 (62–118)
Cycle 3 (n = 3) 
 GFR before 1st dose116 (103–163)
 GFR before 2nd dose110 (97–153)
  1. HDC-ASCR high-dose chemotherapy-autologous stem cell rescue, GFR glomerular filtration rate