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Table 3 GFR as an indicator for renal toxicity

From: Changes in glomerular filtration rate and clinical course after sequential doses of carboplatin in children with embryonal brain tumors undergoing autologous stem cell transplantation

Number of patientsNumber of cycles plannedNumber of cycles completedNumber of GFR evaluationsDecrement in GFRDose modification of carboplatinNephrotoxicityDialysisTransplant-related mortality
15212154NoNoNot more than grade 1NoNo
1 (A)Single - 11Baseline 24hrCrCl, then 2 GFRNoNoGrade 5YesYes
1 (B)Tandem - 324NoNoGrade 5YesYes
1 (C)Single – 113YesDose 3 omittedGrade 1NoNo
1 (D)Single – 113YesDose 3 omittedGrade 2NoNo
1 (E)Tandem - 324YesCycle 2, dose 2 decreased 50%; Cycle 3 omittedGrade 4YesNo
  1. 24hrCrCl 24-h creatinine clearance, GFR glomerular filtration rate