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Table 2 Comparison between the pre- and post-treatment median [IQR] values of all the measured variables within each group and between the two groups

From: A quasi-randomized clinical trial: virtual reality versus proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation for postmastectomy lymphedema

 VR groupPNF groupp
EAV (ml)
 Median (IQR)Q1Q3pMedian (IQR)Q1Q3p 
Pre9655.27 (15511.84)3624.4919136.330.00110645.92 (11986.67)3822.3815809.050.0050.744
Post6854.23 (9459.49)2728.4712187.965718.9 (6834.54)4412.9811247.520.902
QuickDASH-9 score
 Median (IQR)Q1Q3pMedian (IQR)Q1Q3p 
Pre55 (30.25)41.2571.50.00149.5 (22)38.560.50.0030.539
Post38.5 (27.5)24.7552.2538.5 (19.25)30.2549.50.935